If you want to read my previous creator and gig income reports, here you go.

April started out slow. I mean, excruciatingly slow. For the first 2 weeks of April, there was no action. Only $10.92 made till April 15th. If you thought creator life would be all about getting paid every single day, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

It was also one of my most productive months but mentally straining as well. Not because I don’t enjoy the work I do but because I got too excited about the work I do that I started (yet again!) to bite off more than I can chew.

Thanks to the routines I created in **March** I was able to stay sane and NOT burn out.

April was also one of the most high-earning and challenging months professionally. I’m entering into new waters to test and hone my skills. Hopefully, I’ll come out victorious. 🙂 We will know at the end of Q2.

If you want to look at my 2022 Q1 Review, here you go. I was super happy about the progress I made since the start of this year.

Let’s look at the numbers now!

Income Report for April 2022

What I earned and did in April this year: